PTSD Journal


PTSD Journal is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder sufferers and their loved ones. Each issue will deliver in-depth research articles, personal narratives and alternate solutions that highlight the causes of PTSD and the keys to recovery. PTSDJournal will advocate for the PTSD community, focusing on early intervention, diagnosis, treatment, and awareness initiatives. Every issue will provide physicians, scientists, doctors, patients and families an outlet for PTSD awareness and educate the PTSD community and the general population about how to live with PTSD and where to get help. PTSD Journal shines a light on the awareness, diagnosis and treatment of a disorder affecting more than 30 million Americans, their families, and loved ones. This lifestyle publication is a service-driven resource, full of personal stories promoting treatment and informed views from medical professionals. PTSD Journal serves as a curator of information, raising awareness for this largely misunderstood and often undiagnosed disorder. PTSD affects men, women, and children everywhere. PTSDJournal’s content will help restore health to millions, many of whom still don’t believe they can discuss their battle. PTSD Journal is a periodical exclusively geared to mothers, fathers, families, corporate leaders and the many soldiers who have served our country. PTSD Journal’s mission is to serve and educate those impacted by the disorder. To give back to families and victims affected by PTSD, 10 percent of net profits will be used to start a college scholarship fund (please contact us for details). Why is PTSD Journal important? Because Not All Wounds Are Visible.